Our headscarves are all handmade. To keep your SMore headscarves as beautiful as possible, it is important that:

Each application/detail is placed by hand. To keep the scarves as beautiful as possible, we recommend that you do not use pins or needles.

Textile can always release coloring during washing. The released dye can adhere to other laundry. We advise you to wash new purchased scarfs the first few times cold by hand, without other items of clothing.

We also advise you to wash your scarves by hand with a mild cleaning agent and or have it cleaned with a professional dry cleaner.

Hang out immediately to dry and then carefully steam or iron at a low temperature.

SMore gives no guarantee on fallen stones or user damage.
We also recommend using a fluff -tongue for a long -term beautiful use of the cotton scarves. Cotton is a naturally lively product, which will create its own shape after wearing.